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Resource list – guide for educators

Step by step instructions for creating and managing Bond University Resource Lists.


Resource Lists dynamically present resources to students and integrate with both iLearn and the Library's system. Educators, students and librarians can collaborate in the creation, management, and evaluation of readings and other resources.  Look through the information using the menu options on the right hand side of this guide -->

*Bond Academics: Please note that all subject content (lecture slides, weekly powerpoints, seminar notes, tutorial worksheets etc) should be placed into the Weekly Content section in iLearn rather than the Resource List, as per the University's policy. You are encouraged to book an appointment with the Office of Learning and Teaching to get expert assistance with your iLearn site template and content. 



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The steps in this workflow are outlined in more detail in the pages of this guide.

Subjects that have previously had a Resource List can re-use their list in subsequent semesters, rather than starting from scratch.


  • Before Week 1 – Prepare as much of the list as possible, concentrating on the first few weeks of the semester
  • The first day of O Week – The lists are published and ready for the opening of iLearn sites. Please make sure the Resource List link is available for students to access in iLearn.
  • Weeks 1 and 2 – Librarians can visit classes to demonstrate the lists to students, at the teachers request
  • During semester – Continue adding resources to the lists, remembering to Send the List to the library after each update
  • End of semester – Prepare lists for the following semester

IMPORTANT: At the end of Week 13, lists will be locked for editing so that they cannot be accidentally altered. To update the list for the following semester, first check if it's already been rolled over in the next semester's iLearn site, or duplicate it associate it with the following semester's subject code.

Turn around times

The Library processes requests as soon as possible, usually within five working days.

Each time you finish working on your list, please press the Library Review button at the top of the page. This will allow the Library to process the resources you've added.