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Resource list – guide for educators

Step by step instructions for creating and managing Bond University Resource Lists.

Create links to sections or resources

You can create a direct link to a section of your list, e.g. Week 1 Resources, or a specific resource in two ways:

  • LTI
  • Permalink

HOW TO: Create LTI links in iLearn


  1. In iLearn add content from the Content Extensions area
  2. Choose Resource List Content
  3. Edit the title and description (description is optional). Make link Visible to participants and Save
  4. Click the new link to open up the Resource List
  5. Navigate to the section or individual resource (citation)
  6. Go to the ... menu
  7. Select Relink LTI to Here
  8. Confirm the action

After it has been relinked the menu option will change to Unlink LTI in case you change your mind. Or you can navigate to a different section/citation and choose relink.


It's possible to create a permalink to a list, a section or a resource, however, this method of linking can cause access issues for student and we recommend not using it in iLearn.

You can use permalinks to share with students in emails, however, if the student has not previously accessed the resource list from iLearn then it may not be visible to them.

Permalinks can be obtained from the ... menu for lists, sections and individual citations.