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Copyright for Staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations.

Copyright warning notices

Copyright notices

It is University policy that University equipment must not be used for any purpose that constitutes an infringement of copyright. Copyright notices must be placed adjacent to all photocopying machines, computers, scanners, and audio-visual equipment that can be used for copying.

Copyright Warning Notice

This notice needs to accompany digital reproductions of copyright material either before or at the time the item is first viewed.

Always include this Copyright Warning Notice at the beginning of any Podcast, PowerPoint Presentation or any recording that contains copyright material that will be electronically communicated to Bond University staff or students, i.e. by email or iLearn.


This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of Bond University in accordance with section 113P of the Copyright Act 1968 (Act).

The material in this communication may be subject to copyright under the Act. Any further reproduction or communication of this material by you may be the subject of copyright protection under the Act.

Do not remove this notice

The Warning Notice is available for download below.

Warning Notices for Equipment