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Case studies

General format

There is no specific way to reference a case study in APA style. Case studies are typically published as an article or report, or within a book. Format the reference list entry according to the type of publication. Following are some examples of case studies in business.

Business case study

Author(s). (Year). Title of case study. Number of case study. URL


Harvard business school case study

Dey, A. (2022). Corporate governance: A three pillar framework. HBS No. 491-009.

Ivey business school case study

Dunbar, C., & Southam, C. (2005). London youth symphony. Ivey ID: 9B05009.

Style notes

  • If the case study is not numbered, leave it out of the reference entry.
  • If the source is a book, format the reference according to the rules for books.
  • If the source is a journal, format the reference according to the rules for journal articles.