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Journal article

General format

Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author C. C. (YYYY). Title of article: Article subtitle. Journal Title, Volume(Issue), Pages. URL - DOI or non-DOI


Journal article with a DOI

Watt, B. D., O'Leary, J., & O'Toole, S. (2017). Juvenile fitness for trial: Lawyer and youth justice officer professional survey. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 24(2), 91204.

Journal article without a DOI

Carah, N., Brodmerkel, S., & Knaggs, A. (2012). Gruen Nation: Dissecting the show, not the business. Communication, Politics & Culture, 45(1), 6077.

Style notes

  • Use an en dash instead of a regular hyphen for the page range.
    • Mac - Press option+hyphen
    • Windows Desktop - Press control+minus key on numeric keypad
    • Windows Laptop - Insert symbol (choose subset General Punctuation)
  • List all authors, up to 20, where available.
  • Include the year only for the date element of a journal article.
  • Put the title of the article in sentence case. Do not italicise the title. Only use quotation marks if they are a part of the title.
  • The source comprises the name of the periodical (journal) in italics, volume number (where available) in italics, issue number (where available) in parentheses and not italicised, and page range. Followed by the DOI (where available) or URL (if no DOI and if URL will be accessible to readers).
  • For journal articles that have an e-locator, rather than a page range, include the word 'Article' before the article number.