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Reference list examples

Reference list examples

APA style blog: Reference examples

This section of the APA blog contains examples of APA style formatted references.

Style notes

You should always follow the instructions provided by your teacher, assignment rubric or guidelines, even when they conflict with the guidelines below.

  • A reference list begins on a new page at the end of your work.
  • Begin the reference list with the title References, centre aligned and in bold type.
  • Double-space the entire reference list.
  • Use hanging indents.
  • Order all works alphabetically by the first word of the reference entry. This is usually author surname or group author name, but maybe the title if the work has no named author.
  • For works with the same first author surname, arrange alphabetically by first author initials. If these are identical, arrange next by second author surname, etc.
  • For works with all identical author names, arrange works by year, oldest to newest.
  • For works with identical author/s and date, arrange in in alphabetical order of title. Include a letter after the year: (2023a), (2023b), etc. 

Example reference list


Armitage, L., & Burgin, S. (2015). The Pink Poodle, swimming pavilions and Miami Ice. In T. Hundloe, B. McDougall, & C. Page (Eds.), The Gold Coast transformed: From wilderness to urban ecosystem (pp. 131139). CSIRO Publishing.

Bond University. (2018, May 2). Tackling social media risks and opportunities at Bond [Video]. YouTube.

Brand, J. E., Todhunter, S., & Jervis, J. (2017). Digital Australia report 2018. Interactive Games and Entertainment Association.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. (n.d.). Overview of gene technology research at CSIRO.

Dellios, R. (2019). Security Landscape. In S. Romaniuk, M. Thapa, & P. Marton (Eds.). The Palgrave encyclopedia of global security studies. Palgrave Macmillan.

Fritzon, K., Doley, R., & Hollows, K. (2014). Variations in the offence actions of deliberate firesetters: A cross-national analysis. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 58(10), 11501165.

Stapleton, P. B. (2017). EFT for Teens. Hay House.

Taylor, A. (2017). Troubled everyday: The aesthetics of violence and the everyday in European art cinema. Edinburgh University Press.

Watt, B. D., O'Leary, J., & O'Toole, S. (2017). Juvenile fitness for trial: Lawyer and youth justice officer professional survey. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 24(2), 191204.