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Copyright for Staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations.


iLearn@Bond guidelines

If you are using an electronic resource from the web, or from an online database then linking to the original resource is always the first preference and this can now be easily done in the Library system and seamlessly provides resources to your students in iLearn.

Follow this guide to create your subject Resource List in iLearn

Use of these library resources is governed by a licence between the University and the database provider, which often do not allow articles to be printed off or downloaded as pdfs to be made available online for teaching purposes.

Follow these simple guidelines:

  • Link to Library materials and items on legitimate websites.

  • Materials created by Bond University staff can be placed into iLearn.

  • Materials where permission has been gained can also be placed into iLearn, such as publishers' PowerPoint Slides.

  • Link to YouTube and other videos from within iLearn (see this page for more information on videos)

  • Place a Copyright Notice at the beginning of each Bond University PowerPoint presentation that is uploaded.

Most importantly: Hardcopy materials must be provided to the Library for scanning and registration before being made available in iLearn by sending your request to Alternatively add the citation to your Resource List and tag "Scan to eReserve". You may attach a scanned version to the citation if you have one. The Library will complete copyright checking and transfer it to the eReserve repository.

A Quick Copyright Checklist

More details

No copyright material (a PDF of an article, book extract, etc.) should be downloaded and stored in iLearn@Bond, even if this is permitted such as in the case of open access journals or freely available material on websites. Always link to the original resource, including e-articles or e-books in databases to which the Library subscribes via your subject resources list.

If it is not possible to link to the material you require, please submit the material as an attachment and send it to so that it can be checked for copyright compliance and stored locally in the e-reserve.  A member of the Library team will then provide you with a link to this stored version of the item for your subject resources list in iLearn.

Copies of newspaper articles, photographs, images, extracts from e-books, etc. that cannot be linked to, should also be sent to the Library.  Do not upload them into iLearn subject sites directly.

Compliance checks - it's part of our service

To include digitised hardcopy material in your subject resources list in iLearn submit the item/s as an attachment and send it by email to and the Library team will do all the checks for copyright compliance and provide you with a link to the electronic copy to place on your subject resources list in iLearn.

To comply with copyright law, the Library can only make digital copies of one chapter or 10% of a book, or one article from a journal issue. If the material you require is available in a licensed subscription database the Library will provide you with a link.

Copyright friendly resources for iLearn

Visit the Copyright & Content You Can Use page in the Blended Learning guide to find a wealth of copyright friendly content that can be used for educational purposes.


Did you know that PressDisplay offers functionality to link to digitised news articles?