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Use this guide to get started with EndNote.


April 2021 Update!

EndNote 20 is now available. Student PCs on campus have been updated and staff can download the new version from the Software Centre.

See below for downloading the new software to a personal computer.

For an overview of the changes, see what's new in EndNote 20.

What is EndNote?

EndNote software allows you to create your own personal database of references, known as an EndNote library.  Your EndNote library provides a way for you to store and manage the references that you gather in the course of your research.

You can also use EndNote for the following tasks:

  • Create a reference list or bibliography in a chosen referencing style.
  • Add in-text citations to a Word document, in a chosen referencing style.

Installing EndNote on your computer

The EndNote software is available to Bond staff and students. There are two ways to obtain the EndNote software:

  • Staff and students can download EndNote to their personal computer by following the instructions from the Online Service Desk.
  • Staff can download the most recent version of EndNote to their work computer from the software centre.

*EndNote is installed on all library and MLC computers.

Learn EndNote

The steps to fundamental actions in EndNote are contained within this Library Guide. Use the links in the navigation to get started.

Additional training options include:

  1. Book an appointment with your Faculty Librarian for tailored assistance.
  2. Bond Library's in-person training. See the Events Calendar to see the next scheduled workshop.
  3. EndNote's live training. See the calendar for the next Australian webinar.
  4. Online User Guides in PDF format for for both Windows and Mac computers if you wish to teach yourself.
  5. A range of short videos from the EndNote Video Training page. Watch the videos below to learn how to use EndNote in just a few short minutes.

How to use EndNote 20 in seven minutes - videos

Journals terms lists

For some referencing styles, such as Bond Vancouver, abbreviating journal names is part of the style.

To enable EndNote to substitute abbreviated journal names you must first set up the Journals Term List. If you work with multiple libraries this needs to be done for each library.

  1. Go to Tools > Open Terms Lists > Journals Term List
  2. Delete existing journal names by selecting all terms > Delete Term. If there are no existing Journal Terms, move to Step 3.
  3. Click the tab for Lists > Import List.
  4. Navigate to the EndNote program files on your computer.

PC: C:\Program Files\EndNote 20\Terms Lists

Mac: Applications > EndNote 20 > Terms Lists

  1. Select a file with a name that relates to the topics referenced in your EndNote library, e.g. Medicine or BioScience Open.
  2. You can also now import other lists to expand the available journal names/abbreviations. For example, you could import the Chemical.txt list from the same location on your computer.