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Organise references

Create Group Sets and Groups

To keep your references organised, EndNote offers Group Sets and Groups. Group Sets can contain a number or Groups. To create a Group Set or Group:

  • Select Groups from the toolbar menu
  • Select Create Group Set or Create Group
  • Give the Group Set or Group a name

It is also possible to create Group Sets and Groups by right-clicking directly into the left hand pane, then selecting Create Group Set or Create Group.

It is possible to move a Group to a different Group Set by dragging and dropping.

Move references

To add references to Groups:

  • Click into the All References Group at the top of the left hand pane
  • Select and drag individual citations into the correct group

References can be added to more than one Group.


To select multiple, non-consecutive references, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting the references.

To select consecutive references, select the first reference, then hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the last.

When references are added to your EndNote library, they are temporarily held in the Recently Added folder. Think of the Recently Added folder as your library's 'inbox.' It is convenient to add references to a Group while they are partitioned in the Recently Added folder - as soon as a new set of references are added your EndNote library, they will appear in the Recently Added folder.
Previously added references will be accessible from the All References folder, along with all other references in your library.