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Use this guide to get started with EndNote.

Add references

Adding references

EndNote allows you to add references to your library in a variety of ways, including:

It's important to remember when adding references to your library:

  • Exporting is not possible from all databases.
  • Exporting is seldom 100% accurate.
  • It is essential to check the quality of the references and edit them as necessary.

Finding full text from EndNote

The Find Full Text feature allows you to find the full text of items in your EndNote library.

You will need to follow the instructions below to use EndNote's Find Full Text feature:

  1. Select Edit > Preferences
  2. Click Find Full Text
  3. In the OpenURL Path box, type:
  4. In the Authenticate with URL box, type:

To use find full text, select the references, click References > Find Full Text. If a PDF is found it will be attached to the reference.