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EndNote and Word

Cite While You Write

The Cite While You Write feature allows you to cite references from your EndNote library with just a few clicks within you Word document. With Cite While You Write you can instantly format your in-text citations and bibliography with your preferred referencing style.

To insert citations into Word:

  • Click the EndNote 21 tab from the toolbar.
  • Select Insert Citations.
  • Search for the citation you wish to insert. You can search for an author's name or for words from the title of your reference.
  • Select the reference you wish to use and click the Insert.
  • The reference will be inserted in-text and the full reference will be added the end of your document.

To add additional references to the same place in your document, i.e. to cite multiple authors:

  • Place your cursor into the citation.
  • Select Insert Citation.
  • Select the additional citation.
  • Click Insert.

Change referencing style

To see which style your references are being formatted in, or to change the reference style, select a new style from the EndNote ribbon:

Add page numbers to a citation

  • Click within the citation you would like to add page numbers to - the citation will be highlighted in grey.
  • Click the EndNote 21 tab and choose Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  • Under Formatted Citation, type the page numbers in the Pages field.
  • Click OK.

This is also how you can add text such as 'see also' to a citation. Instead of selecting the Pages field, type your text into the Prefix field.

Abbreviate corporate author's name in text

Abbreviating group author's names within the in-text citations is done manually:

  • Click the EndNote 21 tab from the toolbar.
  • Select Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the EndNote toolbar in MS Word (or right-click, into the in-text citation and choose Edit Citation(s)).
  • Select More.
  • Change the Formatting option to Exclude Author.
  • Type the abbreviation, followed by the punctuation required by the style into the Prefix field.
  • Include a space after the abbreviation.  
  • Select OK.

Merging multiple documents with EndNote references

If you have been working on multiple Word documents, such as chapters, you can combine them into a single document: 

  1. Unformat each document. Go to Word > EndNote tab > Convert to Unformatted. Save these changes.
  2. Open a new Word document.
  3. In Word, click Insert Object - Text from File.
  4. Select the documents in the order in which you want them to appear in the final document. Note: change the file names if you need to.
  5. Save this version of your document.
  6. Reformat your final document - Word > Tools > EndNote 21 > Update Citations and Bibliography.