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Evaluating websites


Once you find a resource, how do you know if it is useful for the research you are conducting? You could read/watch/listen to it, but you could save time by first testing the resource against the CRAP test. The CRAP test is a set of 4 criteria you can quickly measure a resource against to see whether it is worth engaging with further.


Criteria Questions to ask

CurrencyLetter C with calendar

Is this the most up to date resource you can find? Is it new enough for the purposes of your topic?
RelevanceLetter R with target Is the material relevant to your topic and your arguments?
AuthorityLetter A with expert advice on a wooden block Who is the author? Are they a credible source? Are they qualified to talk about this subject? Are arguments backed up with evidence (such as references or citations)?
PurposeLetter P with a road sign What is the purpose of the resource? E.g. Is it designed to sell, entertain, vent, educate or present research?



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