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A guide to discovering and accessing library resources

By format

Information formats

Information exists in a variety of formats. Publications that report original research are known as primary literature. These include:

  • journal articles
  • technical reports
  • theses and dissertations.

As original research findings are synthesized and condensed new formats are produced including:

  • books
  • reviews
  • textbooks
  • treatises

 These are referred to as secondary literature.

The Content Type facet in Library Search can help you filter resources by format. Many online resources have a similar type of filtering option. Look for terms like resource type, content type, format.

Screenshot of Content Type facet

You can filter in this facet for:

Archival Material/Manuscript Government document Reference entry
Article Image Report
Audio Journal Score
Book Legal Document Standard
Book Chapter Map Text Resource
Book Review Market Research Thesis (use for dissertations)
Computer File Microform Video
Conference proceeding Newsletter article Web Resource
Database Newspaper  
Dataset Patent and more.


Searching for common formats

Common formats are described below and links through to sub-pages on this guide for advice on how to search and find each type of information. 

Other formats

There are many other formats you might need to search for such as:

  • Bibliographies
  • Taxonomies
  • Archives
  • Datasets
  • Government & Non-Profit Reports

These can be more difficult to search and find. Please ask us for assistance any time you need advice on finding information.

Get Help

Our librarians can help you find other types of literature that are more difficult to locate through conventional channels.

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