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Internet research for assignments

This guide discusses when it is appropriate to use the internet for an assignment or research, and provides some tips for making the most out of your internet searches.

Peer review

Peer reviewed journal articles

A peer-reviewed journal article is not published until it has been reviewed by a panel of other academics or professionals in the field.

The peer-review process ensures published articles are reliable and authoritative sources of information. This is why your lecturers will often request that you use peer-reviewed material.

You can use Library Search to find peer-review articles. Just remember to check the 'Peer-reviewed journals' filter after you've done your search. See the screenshot below for an example:

Select 'Peer-reviewed journals' in the filter options in Library Search to refine your results to peer-reviewed items


Library Search


Most databases have a simple check box or filter that you select to ensure the material your retrieve is peer-reviewed. Some of the key databases that contain peer-review articles are:

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