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Searching for information

Selecting databases to search

Bond University Library provides access to full text articles from over 22000 journals in hundreds of databases.

Find a database by subject:
Find a database by name

To find a specific journal. use the Journal Search in Library Search.

The quickest way to search for journal articles is to use Library Search (also available from the search box on the library home page).

Library Search indexes most of our databases, but it does miss some key sources (PubMed/Medline, PsycInfo, legal databases etc.) so it should be used in conjunction with other databases. This video will show you how to search Library Search.

Developing your search strategy

Remember that your faculty librarian can assist you with searching for a literature review, including advice on your search strategy, identifying and using appropriate databases, and anything else mentioned in this guide.

Tools for citation searching

Look at the reference list in key papers in your field of research for other relevant papers. Search for papers that have cited the key paper. There are 3 main sources of citation data that can be used for this purpose.

You will also see citation trail icons in Library Search for exploring articles citing, or cited by the one you are looking at. Hover over them to see the direction of the trail - Cited by, or citing this article.

Screenshot highlighting the citation trail icons for an article record in Library Search. One red arrow shows a divergence, the other a convergence.

Searching the literature